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Deli Trays & Cakes

Let us help to make your party planning a snap. Whether it is an informal gathering or an elegant affair, we have everything you need. Our delicious deli trays and beautiful bakery cakes will make your party one to remember!

Once you're ready, call your Summer Fresh deli or bakery to place your order. Click for store information
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Cheese Nibbler Tray
Small Serves 8-10 $39.99 Mounds of decoratively cut chunks of baby Swiss, havarti, mild cheddar and yellow American cheese fan wedges of red wax gouda, accented with a cluster of juicy grapes. A cheese lover’s delight!
Medium Serves 12-15 $49.99
Large Serves 20-25 $59.99

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Gourmet Fruit & Cheese Snack Tray
Size Serves 12-15 $49.99 Plump, sweet red and green grapes, juicy strawberries, mixed nuts and assorted cheeses are artfully arranged making this tray as pretty as it is delicious. A creamy round of brie and bite-sized mounds of soft Chevre cheese contrast nicely with the more robust flavors of both bleu and wine-soaked goat cheese.

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Snack Cheese Tray
Small Serves 8-10 $29.99 A creamy round of Boursin® Gournay Cheese presides over slices (or cubes) of baby Swiss, colby jack, mild cheddar, pepper jack, provolone and yellow American.
Medium Serves 12-15 $34.99
Large Serves 20-25 $44.99

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Cheese Connoisseur Tray
Size Serves 12-15 $49.99 With its varied shapes, textures and colors, this gourmet assort- ment is a work of art. Bleu, brie and havarti cheese share the canvas with fresh grapes, plump strawberries and slices of crisp apples and pears. Fresh rosemary, dried apricots and cranberries provide the “pièce de résistance”.

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Mediterranean Sampler Tray
Size Serves 12-15 $39.99 Bell pepper bowls feature fresh Tabouli salad (we make it ourselves!), Greek feta salad, classic hummus and delectable pitted Kalamata olives. Scattered throughout are chunks of plain and tomato basil feta and crispy pita wedges and chips. Opa!

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Caprese Appetizer Tray
Size Serves 12-15 $39.99 Slices of red tomato and creamy fresh mozzarella artistically encircle a container of tangy balsamic vinegar. Fresh and fragrant leaves of basil add the finishing touch to this popular salad.

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Relish Snack Tray
Medium Serves 12-15 $59.99 Heaps of baby kosher dill and sweet pickles, Spanish green and pitted black olives, kosher dill pickle spears and mild pepperoncini peppers are sectioned by strips of red pepper and capped off with artichoke hearts and olives on a bed of fresh lettuce.
Large Serves 20-25 $79.99

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Fresh Fruit Tray
Small Serves 8-10 $19.95 Fresh, colorful and sweet describes this gorgeous fruit tray. Generous chunks of melon, juicy pineapple, and ruby red strawberry halves surround a 13.5 oz. tub of luscious fruit dip.
Medium Serves 20-25 $34.99
Large Serves 35-40 $54.99

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Vegetable Tray
Small Serves 8-10 $17.95 A classic tray that’s always appreciated. Liberal mounds of crisp and colorful fresh veggies encircle a 14 oz. tub of creamy dip. Let the dunking begin!
Medium Serves 12-15 $34.99
Large Serves 20-25 $49.99

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Dollar Roll Sandwich Tray
Small Serves 1 dozen $21.99 Rising high, these dollar rolls are stacked to satisfy. Kings Hawaiian® Rolls are split in half and layered with slices of three different meats: smoked ham, roast beef and smoked turkey. Slices of yel- low American cheese are then added along with fresh, crisp green leaf lettuce. These robust sandwiches are worth far more than their name implies.
Medium Serves 2 dozen $34.99
Large Serves 3 dozen $49.99

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Pinwheel Sandwich Tray
Medium Serves 12-15 $24.99 These circular bites are always a hit. Cream cheese, colby jack cheese, smoked ham, smoked turkey, green leaf lettuce and red bell pepper strips are tightly spun inside a white tortilla. As fun as they are flavorful.
Large Serves 20-25 $34.99

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Combination Sandwich Tray
Size Serves 20-25 $39.99 Can’t decide which Sandwich Tray to order? We’ve created a tray just for you.

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Meat & Cheese Tray
Small Serves 8-10 $44.99 Don’t let the graceful fan of meat and cheese fool you. This is one hefty tray! Ruffled edge slices of baby Swiss, colby jack and yellow American cheese alternate between folded slices of honey or smoked ham, roast beef and smoked or oven roasted turkey. A crown of mixed olives provides a tasty garnish.
Medium Serves 12-15 $54.99
Large Serves 20-25 $74.99

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Southwestern Dip Tray
Size Serves 12-15 $39.99 Layers of creamy refried beans and tangy sour cream provide the base upon which shredded cheddar cheese, diced fresh tomatoes and sliced green onions and black olives are sprinkled, liberally. Buy sturdy chips.

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Shrimp Cocktail Tray
Size Serves 8-10 $44.99 Fresh, peeled shrimp (41-50 count) are mounded high on this tray which features zesty cocktail sauce (you choose hot or mild) and sunny slices of lemon. A favorite at any party or celebration!

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Kettle Wing Tray
Medium Serves 8-10 $39.99 Fresh chicken wings and drummies are dredged in special seasoned flour and then kettle fried to crispy perfection in store. Piled high, they’re ready for dunking in either buffalo ranch or BBQ dip.
Large Serves 16-20 $49.99

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Gourmet Cookie Tray
Medium Serves 24-30 $24.99 Resistance is futile. Baked fresh in store, this yummy assortment includes chocolate chunk, candy chip, caramel chocolate pecan, peanut butter and sugar cookies. Everyone is sure to find their favorite. A playful pile of brightly colored M&Ms makes a super-sweet center.
Large Serves 48-60 $39.99

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Breakfast Snack Tray
Size Serves 12-15 $24.99 Rev up those early morning meetings with this plentiful platter of YUM! Generous slices of banana nut and chocolate cream cake snuggle alongside mounds of assorted mini muffins, all of which encircle a big cluster of juicy red grapes.

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Continental Breakfast Tray
Size Serves 8-10 $29.99 Buttery, mini croissants, assorted moist muffins and fresh baked fruit Danish jostle for space on this tray of breakfast bounty destined to brighten any morning.